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JTB Celebrates 100 Year Anniversary

2012 marks 100 years of excellence and leadership in travel services for Japanese travel company JTB Corp.

JTB was established as "Japan Tourist Bureau" which was originally set up to care for foreign tourists visiting Japan, in 1912.
In 1941, it was renamed as East Asian Travel Agent, then changed its status from corporation to foundation the following year, although it still had functions as a travel agent company.

After World War II, it was renamed as "Japan Travel Bureau". JTB was the industry leader in Japan during the Japanese tourist boom of the 80's and 90's and has maintained its majority share in the Japanese tourist market to the present day.

The company opened in Australia in 1962 and has offices in Sydney, Melbourne, Gold Coast and Cairns and looks after the largest number of inbound Japanese tourists visiting Australia and Australian tourists visiting Japan for sightseeing, business and more recently winter sports such as skiing and snowboarding .

The company has faced many obstacles and challenges during its century in the travel business, from World Wars, Financial crisis, pandemics, terrorist attacks to natural disasters, the most recent occurring in March last year that has had a major effect on tourist numbers outbound and inbound from Japan for the past  9 months... However, there has been a  big improvement in traveller numbers over the past few months and travelling passengers for the company have almost returned to pre-disaster levels.

JTB would like to take this opportunity to thank all of our industry partners - Airlines, hotels, coach services and tour suppliers in Australia and to the Australian media who have supported the company over the years. We look forward to another century of excellence in travel to and from Japan and across the world as we expand our global business.