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You will save time and money by purchasing a Japan Rail Pass before you leave home. Japan has one of the world's most extensive and efficient railway networks, with clean and comfortable trains (including the super-fast bullet trains). Sit back, relax and enjoy Japan as you glide across the country.

Available only to foreign travelers visiting Japan.You must have "temporary visitor" visa under the status of Japanese immigration law. Rail passes are not available for people travelling on working holiday or student visas.

The passes must be purchased before you arrive in Japan. They are not sold in Japan.

About Japan Rail Pass

Who is eligible for Japan Rail Pass?

For tourists visiting Japan from overseas for leisure & sightseeing:

To be eligible for a Japan Rail Pass you have to be visiting Japan under the entry status of “Temporary visitor". This is according to Japan Immigration Law.

When you enter Japan, an immigration official will stamp your passport as a “temporary visitor". Only the passport bearing this stamp can use a Japan Rail Pass. Every companion will also need their passport stamped as a "temporary visitor" if they plan on using a Japan Rail Pass.

If you are a Japanese national living in a foreign country:

You must
a) be qualified to live permanently in that country; or
b) be married to a non-Japanese residing in a country other than Japan.
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Australian residents travelling on a Japanese passport are not allowed to purchase JR Hokkaido, East or West Rail passes.

How do I receive my Japan Rail Pass?

After booking, you will receive a Japan Rail Pass Order Exchange document. You will exchange this document In Japan at a 'JR Midori no Madoguchi' ticket office of major JR train stations. You will then be asked to show the Exchange Order document and Passport to verify your booking. Once verified, you will receive your Japan Rail Pass tickets.

You will also be asked to specify the date that you want to start using the Japan Rail Pass. It can be any date within one month from the date the Japan Rail Pass is received. Once the Japan Rail Pass starting date has commenced, no changes to the date can occur.

JTB Japan Rail Exchange Order

How long is the Japan Rail Pass valid?

The validity period of a Japan Rail Pass is  7, 14 or 21 days consecutively

How do I receive the Japan Rail Exchange Order document?

You can either pick up your Japan Rail Exchange Order document from one of our JTB offices, or get it delivered by DX Mail (delivery and handling fees of $7.00) or by a courier (delivery and handling fees of $20.00, special delivery of less than 5 working days. No PO Box addresses apply).

JTB does not take responsibility if the Japan Rail Pass Exchange Order is lost or stolen. You will need to request your preferred delivery method at the time of purchase.

Please note, a $10.00 issuing fee applies for Rail Pass ONLY purchases over the counter. This fee does not apply when purchased online or with other land arrangements purchased from JTB.

Can I change a name on JR Pass Exchange Order?

Yes. Changing a name on a Japan Rail Pass Exchange Order requires a re-issuing fee of $45. You will need to provide the new passenger’s name in full, as shown on passport.

Can I make a seat reservation by Japan Rail Pass?

Yes. Seat reservations can be made once you are in Japan at no extra cost. Please read JR East page for further information (http://jreast-shinkansen-reservation.eki-net.com/pc/english/common/menu/menu.aspx)

What If I Don't Use My JR Pass Exchange Order?

Refunds can be made with the original Exchange Order within one year of the date of issue. As per our brochure conditions, a $110 non refundable deposit in additional to a 20% handling fee will be charged. The deposit will be held for 12 months for future travel. Credit card surcharge is non refundable.

Is the Japan Rail Pass valid on all trains?

The Japan Rail Pass is not valid for NOZOMI and MIZUHO trains on the Tokaido, Sanyo and Kyushu Shinkansen lines

If lost or stolen Japan Rail Pass?

Japan Rail Pass Exchange Order or Japan Rail Passes can NOT be reissued if lost or stolen.

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