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Japan Admission Tickets

Following admission tickets can be arranged by JTB Australia before you go:

Tokyo Disneyland® & Tokyo DisneySea® Passport
Ghibli Museum Ticket
Universal Studios Japan Pass

JTB can also specially arrange other passes and tickets for events such as:

■ Sumo Ticket
■ Cirque Du Soleil Ticket
■ Sports and event Tickets
■ Concert Tickets
■ Japan Cup Tickets
■ Train Sector Fares
■ Aiport Limousine Pass
Gold Coast Theme Park Tickets (Australia)

* Some special conditions may apply for tickets and passes.
* Please check with JTB at time of booking.
* Please note, a booking fee of $55 per booking applies for most specially organised tickets and passes above (This Including postage and handling charges in Japan. The ticket(s) will be delivered to your hotel in Tokyo).

If you have any questions then please contact us.

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